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There are plenty websites nowadays, which are specialized on different online help for students. Among services are writing, re-writing, copy writing, editing, proofreading. This website is specialized on a particular service providing with papers being edited namely science and medical editing.


It is quite easy at navigation. There is a toolbar, which makes it easier to navigate the website. There are options on the panel from which to choose and every visitor is able to enter the website and look it through. You entering the website is able to view the range of services choosing Our Service Tab. There is a Tab with Testimonials written by customers, who have applied for help and remained satisfied. There is also a Tab with how to contact the website in case of any queries.


When I was trying to reach the operator by means of the contact information left on the website, it appeared to be invalid. I was trying repeatedly thinking I might dial wrong numbers but it did not work. My friend was trying just as well and was unrewarded by success. Then there was nothing left to do but to leave a message via the query form and then again, I had to wait for a few days until my query got a response. This is outrageous because I could have had an emergency, it could have been an urgent order and waiting for this long could lead to the deadline to be expired. By the time I got a reply, I could write it on my own. Moreover, I could accomplish few papers in a row. Nevertheless, I decided to check upon the quality of provided papers…

Quality of paper

It was a bad idea because the quality of the papers the service provides with is terrible. I asked for help a few times in order to see. I thought I could be mistaken but every other time my paper was getting only a little bit improved. There were mistakes in the text, which even I was able to notice. I went back to look through the content of the site itself in order to find any glitches but it look fine to me. I do not understand then what on Earth makes it to where the papers the services provides with are all of such a poor quality. I persuaded a friend of mine to try it too. He was skeptical plus my negative experience made him to where he did not want to do that at all. However, he eventually did apart from feeling rather suspicious.

Policy of price

To see the prices is possible going to Pricelist Tab. There are prices given in accordance with the turnaround. There are ways of how to pay and what to pay with. There is a click here to pay now line, which is clickable thus, once a customer is ready to place an order and pay for it, s/he goes there and press it.

Order details

To send a query is possible by either Email or Submit It Online. How to submit is shown in the How to Submit section on the navigation panel. Submitting a paper, one should fill in the application form, upload an article (-s) and this is it.


My first impression of the site was positive. I like the design. There is the stuff but not the fluff. There are no additional software required to be able to view the content on the site. There are no graphic images, which makes it look serious and professional but I wish I could see the same about the quality. I would suggest thinking over the policy of price and hiring a truly professional team of editors for such a responsible task, to provide with valid telephone numbers and meanwhile, Clever Editor is an excellent choice to feet any shoes really :)

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