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Editor's Rating: review and discounts


This is a light editing and proofreading service. There are tons of services alike. Its design is okay looking. There is a standard navigation panel. The site is easy at navigation. There is not much of graphic images. There is neither video not audio content. It is fast enough at loading.


It works 24/7. It provides with a light editing and proofreading of academic papers. There are volume discounts up to 27% off for proofreading service and up to 40% off for light editing service. The more services one purchases, the less is to pay. There is no limit on orders to place using a credit. However, one is able to place up to 5 orders using a credit within 24 hours period of time. Minimum turnaround of 4 hours.


There is minimum charge of 10$. Despite the discount system, which might seem to be appealing at the beginning, the rates are still far from affordable. What most people including me understand by affordability goes beyond the scope of what we can see here. Another huge disadvantage is the quality of papers delivered. The papers are literally full of cracks and flaws. I tried enough times to be able to come up with an opinion upon the service.

Quality of paper

As I have mentioned above, the quality is far from perfect despite all the beauty of the design and promised excellence of papers. I have noticed already that the more is told about the service, the worse it appears to be. I would rather suggest everyone who is in need of either editing, proofreading or both to apply for help on Editing Services site. The website is unique, outstanding, and full of professional writers, editors and proofreaders.

Policy of price

There is a standard price and turnaround calculator available. What you need to do is to enter a total word count of your paper to contain, the service you require, and you will get a calculator to show you the price, turn around and page count with 250 words/page in mind.

Order details

To make an order one should register and log in first. There will be an order form one should fill in to make one`s order complete. One will be able to provide with details upon required assignment and attach one or more documents. Be sure you provided with word count.


I do not really like the site due to many reasons I highlighted above. I would suggest the one I mentioned again because I was paid to (just kidding). Seriously, the website is of the quality not good enough, very costly at price and slow at delivery.

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  • # Aside from usual advantages, the great feature here is ability to check the process of writing or editing a paper. It is very convenient. Thank you, it was good to deal with you. read more→


  • # I like that writers here try to show the best qualities and make orders as quickly as possible. This shows orientation to the client. read more→


  • # It is difficult to count how many times you guys have saved my face. I appreciate high quality work and on time delivery. read more→