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This web service made a specialty out of written in MBA style essay editing assistance. MBA essay proofreading, writing and MBA resume editing also fall into a category of this website specialization. As long as I had my essay written in MBA style, I was searching for such a service and was happy to find it at first my happiness was very soon replaced with sorrow.


Among the benefits of the websites are free calls, customized editing, perfectly tailored essays, and personal approach to every customer, double manual check, fast revisions, MBA and EMBA writers, attentive support. There is a feature of instant online help and no glitches within the text found. There are also no broken links, no additional software is needed to be able to view the content. I have already seen the images they used for their interface somewhere, on the other website providing with editing service and it does distract from the meat and potatoes. There is no advertisement popping in annoyingly.


The policy of prices, quality of delivered papers, plagiarism in the papers, expired deadlines, I did not notice any personal approach to me as a customer, the revision was not that fast, and support team is not that attentive. I would say even rude because I had technical problems and could not connect to the service and I was told that it was my problem ad that the site works well and there is no chance it could ever work improperly because it is the best out of the best.

Quality of paper

I viewed the samples and I was shocked how different they looked from what I received. There were too many differences between as if two different services were working upon it. The one working upon the samples is good while the one working upon my papers is bad. In my opinion, people who have decided to work in this area, should develop themselves and do whatever they can to accomplish a paper flawlessly and on time but what we have instead is the paper processed not fully. They say they only hire the best.

Policy of price

There is an application form to fill in for those you have decided upon placing an order. You need to choose type of work, service type and number of pages. Provide with personal information and the details upon your order, which I did and it took me ages due to technical issues with the site even though I do not complaint about my Internet, it is not slow but quick enough and other websites download with abandon on an incredibly regular basis.

Order details

It was no surprise for me to see a standard application form with pretty much standard questions to answer in order to make an order. There is a security code one needs to type in the end of the application form and this is it. It is rather time consuming though and together with technical issues, it might seem to take the whole eternity to simply place one order.


I am very painstaking when it comes to online web services providing with help due to my inner fear to be cheated on, to be provided with full of plagiarism paper, to miss the deadline, to get a wrong writer or editor who cannot put him/herself into a customer`s shoes and to think in totally different, unique way. This particular service has to work on the improvements. This is an inadvisable website if you care for th limited time.

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  • # I don’t know the first thing about the subject, so it is pretty hard for me to make an essay. In one word, you saved me today!!! TYVM. read more→


  • # Aside from usual advantages, the great feature here is ability to check the process of writing or editing a paper. It is very convenient. Thank you, it was good to deal with you. read more→


  • # I like that writers here try to show the best qualities and make orders as quickly as possible. This shows orientation to the client. read more→


  • # It is difficult to count how many times you guys have saved my face. I appreciate high quality work and on time delivery. read more→