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About Us

Every student knows how difficult it is to find a worthy essay editing company. Many of these companies promise a lot, but then do just a part of what you paid for, send your paper with delay or apply extra charges. It’s not so easy find a good website on your own, that’s why we created this review site.
What do we offer?
We are a team of enthusiasts who want to warn students against scam companies. There are lots of dishonest services who will take your money and provide poor or any services. We also recommend services with good reputation based on the reviews of other students. We do not deal with and don’t advertise any editing or writing company.
Here’s a short list of what can you find here:

  • Original customer reviews of editing services
  • New reviews each week
  • Website rating based on 5 criteria
  • Top 5 list of editing websites our reviewers liked
  • Discount codes for up to 25% for editing services

Why read reviews?

How do you usually make decision whether to buy from the site or not? You go to the site with editing services and read their articles, which usually turn out to be an advertisement. You check the services offered by them, see if prices are affordable for you, check testimonials etc. You spend a lot of time on it. And even all these actions won’t give you a guarantee that the edited essay will be good.
From the review, you find out all these things in a nutshell and save your time. In addition, a review gives you an opinion of a person you already placed an order. It’s much more helpful than reading hundreds of testimonials.

Choosing the best editor

Though it’s barely possible to learn the truth about editing services at first slight, there are some signs showing the trusted company. Pay your attention to the following:

  • A year when the company has been founded. This is not 100% sign, but if the business is around for a couple of years, it lets you assume they do their job well
  • Quality of website articles and content. If the content on the site is poorly written and contains numerous mistakes, how can you expect a good paper from such company?
  • Site design. The design and layout may be not trendy, but it should be well developed and comfortable to use.
  • Check the chat support. Talk to a support representative before ordering. Ask them about editors’ qualification, company, prices etc. If your questions are being answered at once and in a polite way, it’s a good sign.

Nevertheless, the only proven way to know about a company is a feedback from its customer. One good or bad opinion is not a sign, but if many customers praise or dislike a service, this is the case when you should listen to opinion of many.

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