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There are a lot of services specializing on copyediting, proofreading, content editing, ghostwriting and this website is one of them. There is a navigation panel, which is clickable and one is able to look through the editors working for the service, to read about the service itself, pricing for services, there is also a section with helps and tips many might find very useful for their work in further.


The service helps to convey a message within a text so it remained even after the text to be edited. A visitor is able to meet the editors pictured on the photos input the website so one can see an editor in the face and check pricing for each type of work. There are no other pictures apart from one on the homepage, which makes it to where the site is quick at loading. All the buttons seem to be working. There were no mistakes within the content of the site found and no broken links.


Be ready for it to take too much time to fill in the application form once you decide upon placing an order. Then, your may be replied in 24 hours only (Doh! What if it is an urgent order? Probably no one thought of that working upon the site and its features). Be sure to check ‘junk’ folder in case you see no response after 24 hours.

Quality of paper

My first impression of the site was good. People on the photos seem to be nice and masters of their craft. Basically, I have nothing bad to say upon the quality of delivered papers if only they were delivered in a timely manner. Time management is really an issue for the team of editors working for this website. They should be faster, if not – they have to learn to make a sober estimate of their abilities and how soon it is possible for them to deliver a complete order.

Policy of price

One should give a proper respect of the site to have a pricing list unlike many others, which might have a price calculator the least. Negotiations upon a price on some sites get mixed reaction because it is not a market and it is not a cow we buy. Even though it claims to be affordable, I cannot call it so because the pricing is high enough. To compare, is a truly affordable website with a truly excellent quality of papers and prompt delivery!

Order details

Press Get Started to get started. Here we go! Tell the service about yourself and your paper through an application form. Then check all the options that apply. It will take quite some time. The application form is long and time consuming as if filling in a visa survey. There is a notification to check ‘junk’ folder in one`s mailbox in case of not seeing a reply back within 24 hours, which is also quite long. Do not you agree?


The minimalism of the interface and the helps and tips section are what I liked best of all about the service. The rest, such things like quality of papers and prices for services require changes because the quality is too low while the price is too high especially for a quality like that. In addition, a matter of time management remains open. To put it in a nutshell, there is plenty to strive for.

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  • # It is difficult to count how many times you guys have saved my face. I appreciate high quality work and on time delivery. read more→