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Editor's Rating: review and discounts

Description: Their rates are not for me, I prefer something less expensive. There are other companies that can provide proofreading services at better rates.


This is a small company that provides editing and coaching services. Their team isn’t big; a pleasant thing is that you can read about their team members as they provide short summaries of their education achievements and professional accomplishments.


As they wrote on the website, most of editing they do is provided via email. To contact them, you can either make a call or send a message. In my opinion, online chat option could also be of great help here if they had it.


They have several types of service to choose from. Specific price can only be calculated if you upload your document and indicate all your requirements. However, I did check the standard rates they give on the website; and I must say that this service is not cheap at all; on the contrary, it’s quite expensive.
So, proofreading for students costs $50 per hour; individuals and academics will have to pay $55 per hour, businesses and institutions will be charged $70 per hour. So-called line-by-line edit is provided at $55-$100 per hour, depending on requirements and type of work to be done. They also do coaching; I did not need this service, so did not look for specific details, however, I can say that prices for coaching start at $65 per hour.


They say that they are able to meet any deadlines; however, they do prefer that customers give them as much time as possible. In addition to that, for any work that should be returned in less than 5 business days, they charge extra fee.


Their rates are not for me, I prefer something less expensive. Also, time matters for me, I can’t wait for a long time and don’t want to overpay for urgency. So in my search of a website that would satisfy my needs, I found this service – Clever Editor Company – at least they have clear pricing plan, and can deliver proofread papers even in 12 hours at an affordable cost.


To my mind, this company can really help individuals, academic, and organizations looking for help with proofreading. However, as for students like me, there are other companies that can provide proofreading services at better rates and without all the trouble with inconvenient process of sending inquiries to simply calculate the price.

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