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Editor's Rating: review and discounts

Description: Students can only get assistance in proofreading and editing, the company does not provide writing services for students.


These guys specialize in mostly editing and proofreading. However, they also provide copywriting services for businesses and CV editing and writing service for everyone who needs help in this area. As for academic help, students can only get assistance in proofreading and editing of their academic papers, but writing they will have to do by themselves.


They have a phone number, but they only provide over the phone assistance between 9 am and 6 pm Monday to Friday. But there is still a possibility to communicate via email. In my personal opinion, online chat would be very useful to discuss certain questions right away.


On the website, they give only approximate prices for their services, which are from £10-£12 per 1000 words for proofreading and editing for students, businesses, and authors; from £20 per CV proofreading. With respect to copywriting service, this company does not give even approximate prices, as they say the price will depend on the requirements. However, there is an opportunity to pay for copywriting by hourly rate, the cost is £30 per hour.
Anyway, these guys emphasize that specific price for an order can only be given after reviewing the documents for proofreading or the requirements for copywriting. So before you get a quote, you will need to submit an inquiry and then wait for an answer.


I did not find information about the deadlines. Well I assume that customers set the deadlines? However, it’s odd that this company does not mention anything about it.


I’m not a big fan of companies that delay the process of ordering. I prefer to get the price right away, place my order, pay for it, and then receive the completed work. I don’t like sending inquires to get the price. Waiting is not for me, because it steals my time. So I decided not order on this website. Instead, I ordered on where I did not have to wait, so it took me about 5 minutes to order; the quality of editing was more than satisfying.


I think this website can be appreciated by those who like a more individual approach when it comes to getting a quote for a specific order. There are limitations in the range of services provided by the company. So if businesses can basically get help with both editing and writing, students should not expect more than assistance in editing.

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