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Description: I did not order at Ivy League, because I found a service that charges less for the same kind of work.


The video of a lady typing is eye-catching I must say, it’s the first thing a customer sees. They knew how to draw attention. As for the rest, the website does not contain much information. However, they do provide comprehensive descriptions of their services and give answers to questions customers might have. The specialization of this company is editing.


Unfortunately, there is no live chat option on this website. I personally prefer this option to other means of contact. Well I can communicate by email instead which is absolutely fine. Oh and there is a phone number, so customers can also make calls if necessary.


There are 3 types of editing they offer. For basic editing, they charge 2.5 cents per word, advanced editing costs 5 cents per word, and the price for so-called Ivy League Touch service is 9 cents per word. I will explain below what these services imply.


Customer is the one to set the deadlines. A really good thing is that there is an opportunity to not only select a date, but also specify the exact time by which you need a paper up to hours and minutes. Oh yes, and even a time zone can be chosen.


Basic editing service this company provides includes correction of grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Advanced editing includes all that basic editing implies and also correction of word choice, flow, and transitions. And Ivy League Touch service also includes corrections of style, organization, and structure.
Well, I did not order at Ivy League, because I found a service that charges less for the same kind of work that Ivy League Touch includes – correction of grammar, punctuation, spelling, flow, transitions, style, structure etc; so Editing Writing Services org is the website where I placed my order.


When I order editing, I expect my paper to be corrected and polished so that I have no doubts in the way it’s written. It means that at this website I would have to order the most expensive type of editing service. But I see no reason in that, because I found a website where I could order everything that the most expensive type of editing on this website implies, but at a better price. I think it’s always beneficial to look for a company that offers the same kind of service but charges you less for it.

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  • # Aside from usual advantages, the great feature here is ability to check the process of writing or editing a paper. It is very convenient. Thank you, it was good to deal with you. read more→


  • # I like that writers here try to show the best qualities and make orders as quickly as possible. This shows orientation to the client. read more→


  • # It is difficult to count how many times you guys have saved my face. I appreciate high quality work and on time delivery. read more→