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This is an editing kind of service you are looking at. I needed editorial work and decided on applying for help online. I found this website accidentally and thought why not to give it a go. I wish I knew to what bad consequences it led. I thought it was a great site due to the way it looks because it looks highly professional.


There is a blog where one visiting is able to view the resources for editors, about scientific editing, writing tips, grammar and usage; there is about us section where one can get to know qualifications of the working team. The service provides with copyediting and substantive editing. There is a long list of areas editing in provided. In addition, there are samples of edited manuscripts available.


The quality of papers and the pricing are the biggest disadvantages of the service. Apart from that, the support team is rather incompetent. Lack of competence let alone the impoliteness are major disadvantages because people working for a service, which is supposed to be customer-oriented, should be friendly and knowledgeable.

Quality of paper

Like I said earlier, I would not recommend applying for help online on here due to the quality to be not professional enough. In my view, a professional is the one who possesses an impressive luggage of knowledge polished through years of working in this sphere thus, obtained practical skills. What we observe here is far from perfect. However, it still has some good points.

Policy of price

There is a menu to the left where choosing pricing section, you are able to see the pricing for services. What you need to do is to choose type of editing, word count, turnaround, delivery, formatting options, and then you will get to see the price estimated. Payment is possible through PayPal or bank transfer.

Order details

In the exact same menu, you will get to see Get Started tab where one needs to enter one`s contact information, to choose editing options, attach those files, which require editorial work and to click ‘send’ at the bottom when all of the above is done. You will be personalized a quote, respond through email as your order confirmation.


The site looks in a very scientific way. Even the images are scientific as if taken from scientific journals. The site is available in two languages, which are English and Chinese. The website is designed in minimalistic way, it is non-standard, its thematic enjoined on to be so. The font is readable and the content itself is error-free. What is eye pleasing is that there is no advertisement popping in but if only people working for the site were a bit more professional.

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  • # I don’t know the first thing about the subject, so it is pretty hard for me to make an essay. In one word, you saved me today!!! TYVM. read more→


  • # Aside from usual advantages, the great feature here is ability to check the process of writing or editing a paper. It is very convenient. Thank you, it was good to deal with you. read more→


  • # I like that writers here try to show the best qualities and make orders as quickly as possible. This shows orientation to the client. read more→


  • # It is difficult to count how many times you guys have saved my face. I appreciate high quality work and on time delivery. read more→