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This is a writing, editing, book and web design service you visited. On its home page, you may see the range of services the site offers. The site is specialized on books, e-books, books covers, books interiors and websites production. The editing is going through the stages: substantive editing and rewriting which is optional, copyediting which is required, proofreading (optional). The design of the service is pretty simple. Green color is predominant plus white and a little red. In case of any questions, there is a form to complete. All fields are required.

Policy of price

The fee is based on the specific inquiries of each customer. Therefore there is no price list. A free, no-obligation quote may be required. Service quotes by the project. A customer will be able to know the fee in advance. In case of services to need to be removed, another quote will be prepared. Payment is made by means of PayPal.


You may have your book written, edited and designed. The person offering her services seems to have quite of experience in the area of writing and editing. She has been working on different projects such as brochures, newsletters, manuscripts, book layouts and websites. There are given a few U.S.-centric resources for your view along with UK, Australian and Canadian editors.


There is no fixed pricelist. Even if it is allowed to get it in advance but you should make an order first anyway. I would prefer having a price list in front of my eyes just so I could kick the tires and see whether I can afford it at first.

Quality of paper

There are no testimonials given on the site to view and compare. I would want to leave a feedback if there was a room. Besides, testimonials give an idea of how good the writer really is and here, there are neither feedbacks nor samples to look through.


The service seems to be good but I would prefer the one which has place for feedbacks and feedbacks of other left to read for each new comer like me. I feel like a freshman surfing through this site. Other people`s opinions would be helpful. Meanwhile, I would like to recommend the following service: The quality of paper, prompt delivery and being in touch constantly with my writer are large advantages.
Good luck to everyone with their book production!

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  • # I don’t know the first thing about the subject, so it is pretty hard for me to make an essay. In one word, you saved me today!!! TYVM. read more→


  • # Aside from usual advantages, the great feature here is ability to check the process of writing or editing a paper. It is very convenient. Thank you, it was good to deal with you. read more→


  • # I like that writers here try to show the best qualities and make orders as quickly as possible. This shows orientation to the client. read more→


  • # It is difficult to count how many times you guys have saved my face. I appreciate high quality work and on time delivery. read more→